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Oolong Shalimar

Oolong Shalimar

A beautiful creation which will enchant every Oolong lover. In the Orient, the name Shalimar stands for immeasurable wealth and unlimited power. The name best describes the dlair of the lovely, soft, flowery half-fermented tea with the long, slighlty curled leaf, flavored with fruity, fresh passion fruit. This wonderful flavor finds its counterpart in the decoration of red aronia berries, mango cubes and dark red rose petals whose fragrance lights up oriental nights. Ingredients: black tea, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, flavoring.
Item No: BLT22716
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   50 gram bag $4.25
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Brewing Information
Brew time: 3 Min
Brew Temperature: 194 F
Brew Amount: 6 oz

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