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What is the proper way to brew tea?
  1. Fill your kettle with good-tasting, preferably filtered/bottled cold water.
  2. Boil the water when making black tea. If making a green or oolong tea, do not boil  the water; the leaves should be infused around 185F or they will extract bitterness.
  3. Pre-heat your teapot with warm water to retain optimum brewing temperature.
  4. Measure the tea -- too much or too little can ruin all efforts to make a good tasting tea. 
  5. On our tea list, there is a code after each tea. Most teapots are a 4-cup or 6-cup pot, with the cup size holding 6 ounces. For a 6-cup pot, increase by 3 grams; for a mini pot, decrease by 2 grams (1/3 the amount). If you don't a gram scale, we supply our customers with special Tea Scoops at a nominal cost. Refer to the number in the left column for the scoop size to use -- #1 is the smallest size and #4 the largest. A letter "R" next to the number means use a "rounded scoop" and an "H" a "heaping scoop". ALl other measurements are for a level scoop. Use ONE scoop per 4-cup pot.

  6. Place the tea into the mesh infuser of a Chatsford teapot or use a TroubleFree cotton tea strainer or tea ball. If using a tea backk, do not fill it more than half full. The tea leaves will double in size when infused.
  7. Just as the water reaches the boiling point, turn off the flame. Do not overboil the water or it loses oxygen, and tastes flat. Pour out the warm water in the pot. Insert the infuser and pour the water over the leaves. When the tea and boiling water meet, the leaves unfurl and unveil their flavorful infusion -- this is called "the Agony of the Leaves"
  8. Time the infusion. You want to extract flavor, not the bitter tannins. Infusions take 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of tea. Refer ti our tea list again. The number on the right indicates the optimum Brew time in minutes.
  9. Remove the mesh infuser. Cover your pot with a cozy and enjoy a cup of the finest tea from Blue Lotus.
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